Forge Server Updated (


We have updated the server files, so that means you need to update your client files. Original 1.6.4 server can be downloaded here(only needed if you want to host forge 1.6.4 server) 1.6.4 server already patched for can be downloaded here if you have trouble downloading the libraries, or are not using the installer […]

Tesla Coil


I attempted to build a tesla coil with a 555 timer but seemed to have failed some where. Perhaps you could take a look and give me some hints on what to try in order to make it work. I attached some pictures as well. I made the secondary coil on a 1/2 (.875 OD) […]

How to make signs in your town


In order to sell items you have mined to other players you must set up a sign in a shop. You can create shop plots for other residents of you town to purchase and build a shop. View the towny article for how to make plots to sell. Once you have your shop setup place […]

List of common commands


Here is a list of commands that you will most likely use on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the town commands as well. /afk Sets your status as away from keyboard /<command> /back Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport or death /<command> /balance Gives the current balance of […]

Towny Master Command List


Master List Not all commands are in use, and you don’t have permission to all commands here. /towny /towny – Shows basic towny commands. ? – Shows more towny commands. map – Shows the towny map. prices – Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town. time – Shows time until next new-day (tax/upkeep collection.) top […]

Towny Commands and how it works

Livemap 1_923418

Here is a detailed explanation of the towny system and how to use it. If you have further questions you may email me. Residents Every person who joins your server becomes a resident. Residents have their own command /resident which used by itself outputs a Resident Screen, displaying Money, Town, Plots owned and Friends. Residents […]

New Kits added


I added a few kits to make it easier to survive when you start out. As usual the command /kit tools will give you a sword, shovel, pickaxe, and axe, but now these are made from wood. This command is also limited to every 30 minutes now. The command /kit survive will give you 5 apples and a loaf of bread. […]

Selling what you have mined


In order to start making money you need to sell what you have obtained. Easiest way to is to join someone’s town and use what they have created and help them build their town into something bigger.   In order to sell anything you must open the chat window and type “/sell {itemname|id} {amount}” ie    “/sell […]

Minecraft Server down for maintenence


The server will be down for a couple hours as i update the system to use McMyAdmin. Actually the interface was already upgraded but in order to upgrade to it my web host had to wipe the entire site to allow me to install McMyAdmin. Now i am just uploading the worlds and plugins again. […]

Info about our server


Just realized i never posted what mods we are using. Also if you have any suggestions for mods to try out please let me know.   Bukkit MonsterApocalypse – I use it to control the monsters a bit. Sometimes the monsters can become a little over whelming and haveing a creeper constantly spawning behind you […]

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