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How to make signs in your town


In order to sell items you have mined to other players you must set up a sign in a shop. You can create shop plots for other residents of you town to purchase and build a shop. View the towny article for how to make plots to sell. Once you have your shop setup place […]

List of common commands


Here is a list of commands that you will most likely use on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the town commands as well. /afk Sets your status as away from keyboard /<command> /back Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport or death /<command> /balance Gives the current balance of […]

Towny Master Command List


Master List Not all commands are in use, and you don’t have permission to all commands here. /towny /towny – Shows basic towny commands. ? – Shows more towny commands. map – Shows the towny map. prices – Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town. time – Shows time until next new-day (tax/upkeep collection.) top […]

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