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Forge Server Updated (


We have updated the server files, so that means you need to update your client files. Original 1.6.4 server can be downloaded here(only needed if you want to host forge 1.6.4 server) 1.6.4 server already patched for can be downloaded here if you have trouble downloading the libraries, or are not using the installer […]

Getting mumble overlay to work on Windows 7 64bit

minecraft mumble

Ok So thanks to TheHillsoftware over on you tube I was able to get the mumble overlay to work. It seems the overlay is only 32 bit compatible. So if you are running the java in the  64bit verity then no overlay for you. I have a couple programs i use that utilize java so […]

New domain


So i decided to shell out a little bit of cash and actually purchase the domain toonamo. Turns out it is difficult for some people to remember let alone figure out how to spell mephitica. So here you go our new shiny name please change your settings in mumble and minecraft to […]

Online and ready to go!


Our minecraft server is online! start minecraft click on multiplayer for the address use “″ (if you use the old name or it will not work, you must use the above address just as it is.) (if you are on local lan use ‘′) if you are on the whitelist you will automatically join. […]

Just added Mumble

minecraft mumble

Because skype requires so much work to get everyone online and talking to each other, we have just added Mumble to our server. Just install mumble for you operating system and use the simple audio auto configuration setup. Once done it will want to connect to a server for the label type what ever you […]

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