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Forge Server Updated (


We have updated the server files, so that means you need to update your client files. Original 1.6.4 server can be downloaded here(only needed if you want to host forge 1.6.4 server) 1.6.4 server already patched for can be downloaded here if you have trouble downloading the libraries, or are not using the installer […]

How to make signs in your town


In order to sell items you have mined to other players you must set up a sign in a shop. You can create shop plots for other residents of you town to purchase and build a shop. View the towny article for how to make plots to sell. Once you have your shop setup place […]

List of common commands


Here is a list of commands that you will most likely use on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the town commands as well. /afk Sets your status as away from keyboard /<command> /back Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport or death /<command> /balance Gives the current balance of […]

Towny Master Command List


Master List Not all commands are in use, and you don’t have permission to all commands here. /towny /towny – Shows basic towny commands. ? – Shows more towny commands. map – Shows the towny map. prices – Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town. time – Shows time until next new-day (tax/upkeep collection.) top […]

Update 1.9 on it’s way


I haven’t been able to keep up lately on posts with minecraft. There are so many different mods and themes to try it’s impossible to keep up on all of them. I have however just been playing vanilla and enjoy it for what it is. Mojang is getting closer to completing what he wanted the […]

Update 1.6


So there were a series of updates after notch released his 1.6 update. I guess he felt the need to just fix everything that day. Here are the updates that Mojang reported.   New features: Added Nether support to multiplayer The client will ask if the current login is valid. If the server says […]

Fixing bugs, enabling nether.


So it appears that Jens is no longer focused on the Minecraft project any longer. Not saying he isn’t involved but has another project eating up his focus and time now. He was charged with fixing bugs and adding new mods such as the piston mod. That mod is being put on hold due to the […]

Rezcraft vs Tron Texture Pack


    Here is my first video review for Minecraft. I am showing the different Tron themed texture packs. I figured I would start doing videos so you can see the blocks and possibly how your computer will react to the texture pack.

News about future updates

minecraft team

So Mojang has taken today off to celebrate easter, and for Notch and Ez to go for a short walk to enjoy the weather they are having. Notch also explains that Jens, who has been doing most of the work on Minecraft lately, is being moved (temporarily) to a new project. This means Notch is […]

Beta 1.5_02(Server) Still Beta 1.5_01 for clients


So a few bugs were created then imediatly fixed after two updates. One for both server and client then one more for the server. Fixes:             (1.5_01) Blocks can now be placed on Snow. (1.5_01) Rain no longer goes through translucent blocks. (1.5_01) Light does not go through stair blocks anymore, […]

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