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Rezcraft vs Tron Texture Pack


    Here is my first video review for Minecraft. I am showing the different Tron themed texture packs. I figured I would start doing videos so you can see the blocks and possibly how your computer will react to the texture pack.

Girlcraft Texture Pack ♥ Updated for Minecraft Version 1.4


Hai thar! ^-^ So Toonamo installed the Steampunk texture from Glimmar and I recently heard about the Fairy Mod and Girlcraft video from yogscast.  So I thought I would install the Girlcraft texture pack and see how it looks. I used Xau’s texture pack fix to install the pack, because it backs up the original […]

Glimmar’s Steampunk Texture Pack version 1.9.1


We used this texture pack as our pack of choice when testing out the hd texture fix by xau. However i would like to go a little more in depth about my thoughts on the pack thus far. One of the biggest things i noticed and loved was Glimmar went beyond just making a few […]

HD Texture Mod/Fix


I suppose you could call this a fix, but not to confuse you, this is actually a modification or mod. Notch’s texture pack that comes with minecraft works well enough but may at times feel lacking. If you would like to spruce up your minecraft visual experience a bit i recommend starting here. After this […]

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