Beta 1.4 SMP


Update 1.4 just came out today.  Luckily they added a option to choose if you want to upgrade to 1.4. However because i am not running any mods on our server i was able to do the update just fine. Off the bat i noticed a slight increase in performance. Slightly less glitchy but maybe my server is just having a good day. Anyways what is different.

  • Slime is alive. Slime is no longer just a lump that can not be destroyed. they jump and even utilize a particle system to appear as if they areoozing their way over to you.
  • Cookies have been added. However the only way to find coco is in dungeons at the moment.
  • Wolves have been added. As cheesy as this is, i friggin love it. I can not wait to tame my army of wolves.
  • The re-did the logo at log in.
  • Holding shift will allow you to hold on to a latter
  • Spiders no longer destroy crops
  • The last bed you slept in is your new spawn point.
  • They added the background services and logging for achievements and statistics however you will not see anything until the next update.
  • There is a hidden box somewhere that says it needs a key. Allegedly if you spend 30 minutes destroying this box that has no destruction animation something amazing will fall out. It is some april fools thing. i haven’t found it, i don’t know if this is for single player or if the rumor is just a april fools joke in itself.

If anyone notices anything else let me know and i will add it to the post.

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  1. GurlGamer3 says:

    minecraft is my fav !

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