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So Mojang has taken today off to celebrate easter, and for Notch and Ez to go for a short walk to enjoy the weather they are having. Notch also explains that Jens, who has been doing most of the work on Minecraft lately, is being moved (temporarily) to a new project. This means Notch is back on as programmer. It seems the Jens was working on integrating the piston mod info Minecraft but wanted to make it have a more fantasy feel. It was most likely a  little too steam punk for them. However, since Jens is taking a break from Minecraft this will be put on hold until his return. Notch however had been working with Vraket from Oxeye games, who apparently is a game design genius. They had been working out the details for a proper mini map. The map will only display explored areas as well as have a link to show explored maps to friends. You will also be able to link your mini-map in game so that you can see other players on your mini-map.

Notch also went on to say that he may stop work on the modding API, or the program that allows others to make cool add-ons. It seems he feels he has failed in making a API that everyone with be happy with. It sounds more to me like he is sick of everyone whining when a new update comes out about this broke that and what not. This will potentially create a huge up-roar i feel because so many run moded multiplayer servers. Mods for admins to teleport and give items easier as well as create time machine carts and go to the Jurassic era. There are so many mods out there it’s almost ridiculous. One the API is removed all of that will cease to function. This may simply be a threat to stop being so demanding on him to make changes just for a individuals mod, or perhaps he feels overwhelmed to be coding and running his company that is growing at a alarming rate. Only time will tell.

Then like a friend that starts to tell you something only to end in this same friend telling you never-mind, Notch told us there is a piece of information he can’t tell us about. However he is very excited about it. Well Notch thank you for that now i can wonder what the hell you are talking about until your next update. Ya know how…never-mind.

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