Rezcraft vs Tron Texture Pack




Here is my first video review for Minecraft. I am showing the different Tron themed texture packs. I figured I would start doing videos so you can see the blocks and possibly how your computer will react to the texture pack.

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2 Responses to “Rezcraft vs Tron Texture Pack”

  1. trein says:

    well i downloaded the rezcraft version… but how do i start it my game crashes
    is there a back up to dwonload?

    • Toonamo says:

      Did you use the HD texture mod/ fix application? That will usually help things. I recommend starting with that. If you did use that then use a backup was created. you can start the the texture fix app and not choose a texture to apply and it will restore the original. If you modded the .jar file yourself you would need a replacement. You can email me if you have any further questions or trouble

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