Fixing bugs, enabling nether.


So it appears that Jens is no longer focused on the Minecraft project any longer. Not saying he isn’t involved but has another project eating up his focus and time now. He was charged with fixing bugs and adding new mods such as the piston mod. That mod is being put on hold due to the fact that it didn’t feel “fantasy” enough for Mojang. Instead Notch is now back as the master of his code and is working on adding nether to smp and fixing quite a few bugs. He is also adding a map feature in the game to help you keep track of your whereabouts as well as others. The mod api is being kept intact however it seems like it will get a overhaul.

1.6 has a release date of “not soon.” Notch is balancing time to  code, meetings, ordering hats, and enjoying a few games. What’s the point of making games if you don’t enjoy them right? I am curious what bugs they are going to fix.

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