Update 1.9 on it’s way


I haven’t been able to keep up lately on posts with minecraft. There are so many different mods and themes to try it’s impossible to keep up on all of them. I have however just been playing vanilla and enjoy it for what it is. Mojang is getting closer to completing what he wanted the game to be and is turning out nicely. However to keep everyone updated on whats going on let me link to a couple videos of people that are far more interesting then myself and show the new features in 1.8 and the upcoming 1.9.

1.8 Update info

Ravines and Rivers

Endermen and Abandoned Mine

NPC’s, Villages, and Wells

Steak and Roasted Chicken

Silverfish and Watermelons

Strongholds and Giant Mushrooms

Babby’s First Enderman

1.9 Update info

Villagers and Lily Pads

Nether Dungeons & Fire Slimes

Snow Golem Sentry Guns


Animal Breeding

Musical Discs

I myself, Toonamo, had nothing to do with the recording of the posted video on this page. All right reserved.

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