Dodger’s Latest Song – Guild Ho!!!

Dodger Guild Ho

So Dodger teamed up with her friends and created another Music Video. This one based loosely on WoW and Skyrim. I like it so much that i wanted a ringtone of it. Especially the  “YEEAHHH!!!” at the end of Guild Ho!!! So i went ahead and made a few ringtones and then couldn’t stop. I ended up making ringtones of the songs i could find on youtube that had Dodger and Rawn. Now i DON’T have to rights to any of this and if asked i will remove them. However hopefully they will like and download them as well. I made m4r(iphone) and mp3(every one else) versions so you can use it on any phone that supports custom tones. The names of the ringtones link to their originals on youtube.


EDIT: Due to a server change and wordpress file corruption i ended up loosing all the files. However they should be on audiko somewhere. 

Game Station –

Rawn –


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