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Just realized i never posted what mods we are using. Also if you have any suggestions for mods to try out please let me know.



MonsterApocalypse – I use it to control the monsters a bit. Sometimes the monsters can become a little over whelming and haveing a creeper constantly spawning behind you can become irritating.
[edit] removed because i stated using CreeperHeal.
AdminCmd – Gives you a bit more control as a admin. Allows warping and the such.
[edit] replaced with Essentials

Citizens - Use for guards to protect the town and also for npc traders to buy and sell items
CreeperHeal - Repears damage to world after a creeper explodes
dhmcDeath - Custom death commands to keep things interesting.
DreamLand - I also thought going to bed was kinda lame. Now when you sleep you go to a dream world (skylands) or have a nightmare (netherworld). When it’s day again you “wake up” back in the real world.
dynmap and dynmap-towny – Creates a real time map and chat system on the site so that you can view and interact with the world. Use the link at the top of the page to view.
Essentials - A very large variety of server commands and offers a ‘cool down’ after teleport for Towny
iConomy - Simple plug in for adding money to the system
SkylandsPlus - Generates Skylands world since Mojang removed that feature from Minecraft
Towny - Allows players to join or claim new towns and create nations. Can even battle with other nations. Protects your town from griefers.


As we add more i will update this page.

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