Minecraft Server down for maintenence


The server will be down for a couple hours as i update the system to use McMyAdmin. Actually the interface was already upgraded but in order to upgrade to it my web host had to wipe the entire site to allow me to install McMyAdmin.

Now i am just uploading the worlds and plugins again. Which will take quite a while. I will send out a tweet once it’s back up so keep an eye out for that.

After the update i will also finally start setting up the iconomy system and allow players to sell their stuff for money. You will then be able to warp to the town, (don’t forget to set your home in order to get back). Since you know have money in game i also will setup stores in the town so you can buy things you need. Iron tools, food, beds, torches, coal, etc. Prices will be set to what i think is fair but will go up or down based on supply and demand.

I will also start making a getting started section on the site for you to learn how to join/ make a town and invite people into it. If you create a town you will need to section off plots for people to buy land and build their houses.

I will also try and get the arena finished and enable PvE. PvP gets messy and people start getting angry so work together to earn more money to buy cool stuff.

Feel free to tweet me any questions, comments, or ideas.

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