List of common commands


Here is a list of commands that you will most likely use on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the town commands as well.

/afk Sets your status as away from keyboard /<command>
/back Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport or death /<command>
/balance Gives the current balance of a player. /<command>
/balancetop Displays the top account balances. /<command>
/shout This allows you to send global messages /<command> <msg>
/question This allows you to send global qeustions /<command> <msg>
/compass Displays your current bearing in the world. /<command>
/depth Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level. /<command>
/home Teleports you home. /<command>
/ignore Ignore a player /<command> <player>
/kit Displays a list of kits available to you /<command>
/kit tools Gives you a set of wooden tools /<command> [kit name]
/kit survive Gives you a loaf of bread and some apples /<command> [kit name]
/kit bed Gives you a bed to put in your house /<command> [kit name]
/mail Allows you to send & receive mail. /<command> [read|clear|send [to] [message]|sendall [message]]
/me Allows you to emote. /<command> <emote message>
/msg This allows you to private message another player /<command> <player> <message>
/nick Change your display name. /<command> <player> <nick|off>
/pay Pays a specified player from your balance. /<command> <player> <amount>
/sethome Sets your home location /<command>
/suicide Commit suicide /<command>
/sell Sells an item with amount specified /<command> <itemname|id> [amount]
/worth Displays how much an item is worth /worth [item [amount]]
/time Displays in-game time of day /<command>
/tpa Asks the player if you can teleport to them /<command> <player to teleport TO>
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request /<command> [player]
/tpahere Ask the player to teleport to you /<command> <player to teleport to YOU>
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request /<command>
/warp List of available teleport locations /<command>
/warp <warp name> Warps you to a pre-set location /<command> <warp name>
/near Lists players nearby /<command> [radius]
/top Teleports you to the highest block at your current location /<command>
/spawn Teleports you to world spawn. (Where you first came in) /<command>
/rules Displays a list of rules for the server /<command>
/motd Displays the message of the Day /<command>
/list Displays a list of players on the server /<command>
/helpop Requests help from an op /<command>
/help In-Game help on commands available to you /<command>
/jump Teleports you to a spot you select /<command>
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