How to make signs in your town


In order to sell items you have mined to other players you must set up a sign in a shop. You can create shop plots for other residents of you town to purchase and build a shop. View the towny article for how to make plots to sell.

Once you have your shop setup place a sign where you want to sell a item.

The first line must be ‘[Trade]’
The next line must be what you want
Third line must be what you are giving away

For example if you wanted to sell dirt in packs of ten, meaning when they buy dirt then get 10 blocks of dirt, for five dollars. then your sign would look like this

10 dirt:60

You will need to make a sign for each item you wish to sell.


In addition to the trade sign there are the following signs you could make

Protection Sign

  • The first line must be ‘[Protection]’
  • Next 2 lines can be the name of a player
  • The last line should be left blank

The first line will turn blue if the sign was made correctly

These signs are used for protecting chests and furnaces, and thus can only be placed next to chests and furnaces
By default command signs will protect the block below the sign from being broken by someone without permission. If this is disabled, someone can break the block and destroy the protection.
You can only add two names other than yourself per sign, creating extra signs on other sides of the chest will allow you to add more names

Disposal Sign

  • The first line must be ‘[Disposal]’
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