Tesla Coil


I attempted to build a tesla coil with a 555 timer but seemed to have failed some where.

Perhaps you could take a look and give me some hints on what to try in order to make it work. I attached some pictures as well.

I made the secondary coil on a 1/2 (.875 OD) pvc pipe with a 10 to 1 ratio (8.75 inches tall) with 28 gauge Magnetic wire.

The primary i only free handed it, and perhaps that’s where i went wrong, but did 9 large coils slowly geting larger as it went up.

I made a 555 timer based schematics found at tacashi.tripod.com. I tested battery voltage when on (drops from 12 to 11). I didn’t get any voltage comeing out though. Is it possible i reversed the source and drain? The trainsiter gets really hot in the few seconds i run voltage. I am not sure how to test the square wave so i don’t really know.

To be honest i am not 100% positive i installed the transistor properly either. I looked up npn mosfet transitors and read about the source gate and drain and attempted to figure out what E C B stood for.

Here are more angles of the board

Here is the schematic is used

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