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We have updated the server files, so that means you need to update your client files.

Original 1.6.4 server can be downloaded here(only needed if you want to host forge 1.6.4 server)

1.6.4 server already patched for can be downloaded here

if you have trouble downloading the libraries, or are not using the installer use this link to get necessary library files for 1.6.4 forge server

Original 1.6.4 client jar can be downloaded here (only needed if you haven’t played vanilla 1.6.4)

Forge 1.6.4 installer can be downloaded here

Below are the necessary files to join our server:


How To:

If you already have a profile set up for 1.6.4 you can skip to the next step. Otherwise you need to start Minecraft as you normally would and play 1.6.4. To do this start up Minecraft, and before you hit play look to the left and you will see the Profile drop down. Normally this profile will be populated with your user name.


What we want to do is create a new profile. Change the Profile Name to something like 1.6.4, leave game directory unchecked (unless you keep your minecraft data files in a different folder). Mojang assistance, launcher visibility, and all the check boxes under version Selection can be left unchecked. what we really want out of all of this is to change the use version to 1.6.4. All other options can be left unchecked.


No choose save profile and click on play. The launcher will download 1.6.4 if you don’t have it, and then will start Minecraft 1.6.4.

Now to actually get Forge onto your machine. Download Forge 1.6.4 installer if you haven’t done so, if not here is the link. Once that is downloaded you will need to run it. It’s a jar file so for me just double clicking didn’t work. I had to right click and open with (Same process with mac and linux). If you don’t have a option to open with java then you need to install Oracle Java (be sure to get the jre).


Once the file loads it will give you options to install a client, a server, or just extract files. We want to install the client.


Click okay, it will download the files you need to run forge directly into Minecraft. Don’t worry it’s not overwriting anything or destroying your world. You can still play the latest version of Minecraft by selecting the profile with your name.

Once it’s done, start Minecraft back up. Lets create another new profile, or you can select the one we created earlier and edit it if you don’t plan on playing 1.6.4 on anything but forge.

Lets go ahead and turn of the Mojang support because they can’t help you with forge, but google can. If you have any problems be sure to google it, chances are someone has already found a fix. Then under use version, choose 1.6.4-Forge9.11.1.965 (it’s at the bottom). Save your setting and click on play.

It will take longer to start up than usual (There are a lot more things going on now). It will look pretty much the same so far but now it will give you some info about what versions of software it’s running (minecraft, mcp, fml, forge, and how many mods you have).


Lets go ahead and close it. If it didn’t start for you google the error that popped up. If you can’t find a fix feel free to contact me. Chances are the library files didn’t download properly. You can download them through my link above and extract them into your .minecraft data folder, in a folder called libraries.

Once you are able to run forge we can add the mods and configuration files. I have two mod downloads. This is because some of the client only mods would crash forge, but work perfectly on a windows computer. The file that is with out extras is what you need for mac, linux, and for a server. If you put the extras download on a server it will crash it because there is no gui and it won’t know what to do with it. The other one can be used on windows client only. If you are confused try the one with out extras first. If it works then your good and can try the extra mods later.

First you need to open your minecraft data folder.

  • On windows press and hold your windows key, press the r key and realease both. If you did it right a run windows will pop up. type “%appdata%/.minecraft” into the window and click okay.
  • On Mac OSX click on a empty part of your desktop (or app switch to finder), press and hold shift, press and hold command, press g, and release all three buttons. Then type “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft” into the window and click go.

Now lets extract the files. On windows I use 7-zip and it’s a two part process to extract the files. Right click the mods file you downloaded and select 7-Zip -> Extract here. that will give you a uncompressed tar file. Now we need to click and hold the right mouse button and drag it over the mods folder we opened a little bit ago and release the right mouse button and select 7-Zip -> Extract Here. that will put at least 29 .jar and .zip files in the mods folder. Then repeat the same process with the config download but this time extract into the config folder.


For mac i use Keka. Just extract the mods file into it’s own folder. Then extract the config file into its own folder. Open the folder you created when you extracted the config files. it should have 8 folders and 47 files with the extension .cfg. Copy all the files and folders and then go to you config folder within your Minecraft data directory (~/Library/Application Support/minecraft). The open the mods folder you created when you extracted the downloaded mod file and copy all the zip and jar files. Now paste them into the mods folder in your Minecraft data directory.

If you all you have is a folder in the mods folder you need to move the files into the mod folder. Forge can’t find them unless they are directly in the mod folder. You don’t need to unzip the zip files either. It should look like the above screen.

No start up mine craft again. Make sure your forge profile is selected and click play. If all went well it will start up and report how man plugins were loaded.

If Not feel free to contact me or comment below.

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