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I suppose you could call this a fix, but not to confuse you, this is actually a modification or mod. Notch’s texture pack that comes with minecraft works well enough but may at times feel lacking. If you would like to spruce up your minecraft visual experience a bit i recommend starting here. After this is done it will open a whole world of new textures that people have created to consume even more resources from your machine. I will go over the basics of installing this mod in windows. If you need instructions for a mac check out _ChairmaNxMeow_’s write up on girlcraft none of our clients use linux so i will not be covering that, however if you are using linux you most likely will be able to figure it out. I also have posted the link to the original forum to download the latest version and ask for help if you run into any issues.

First Download your flavor of mod:
(These are the latest as of posting. For the latest version please visit the owners links pasted at the bottom of this post. However i know that these work)

Windows (version 1.1.12_02)
Macintosh (version 1.1.12_02)
Every one else (version 1.1.12_02)

Then you need to find a hd texture pack. for our purposes lets say you got the Glimmar Steampunk ‘Stone’ texture pack.

Then run the mcpatcher file you downloaded. Leave the texture pack as a zip or jar file.

In essence they are all java it’s just the windows and macintosh version have a fancy little loader that will make sure everything runs the way it should.

The program already backs up a copy of the original for you which is nice if there are any glitches later on. If the file fields are not automatically filled in, hit the top browse button and find your ‘minecraft.jar’

For windows:  ‘%appdata%/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar’
For Macintosh: Finder > Go > Go To Folder > type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
For Linux: ~/.minecraft

Now tick the lil texture pack box so we can update our textures. Click on browse and open your texture file. The patcher will automatically detect what size your texture pack is. Then Just tick the options you want. I selected them all for the fun of it. Now for the moment of truth, click patch. A log window will come up displaying all the changes it has made. With any luck the finally message will display

#### Success! …probably ####

Now open minecraft and paruse around a bit and see if you like the changes.

We will be listing all texture packs we run across and use. Even a few girly ones…




-Steam Punk Texture pack made by Glimmar (http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1021&t=48884#p797560)
-HD Texture fix made by Xau (http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=46173#p758347)

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