Glimmar’s Steampunk Texture Pack version 1.9.1


We used this texture pack as our pack of choice when testing out the hd texture fix by xau. However i would like to go a little more in depth about my thoughts on the pack thus far.

One of the biggest things i noticed and loved was Glimmar went beyond just making a few modified textures but only went slightly higher in detail still giving the “feel” of Minecraft but a little bit more so we wouldn’t go cross eyed when in small spaces. Just a warning though everything is different. When you start the game they even modified Mojangs company logo to something a little more fitting to the texture pack. Even the menu screen has been changed with a steampunk design. However i do wish the buttons showed a little more change when highlighting them. Perhaps a lighter grey on hover in addition to the lights and moving gears, which i absolutely love by the way.

So what does it look like when actually in game? Well i know this is a sensitive topic but the moon, well looks like a moon. I know some love the blocky moon with the feel of the blocky game. However i like a little bit of realism in the far reaches of the game. The torches look awesome, a perfect mix of fire and technology. Then i noticed Glammar decided to mess with the look of the tools. At first i was like what the heck dude you replaced swords for a mace? I then noticed he did no such thing, he actually gave us the feel of even more tools. The stone sword looks like a mace, while the iron sword looks like a spanish sword. The diamond pickaxe looks like a drill, the iron pickaxe looks like a “t” shaped pickaxe, while the stone pickaxe looks like your run of the mill pickaxe.

The doors look great and i find it easier to tell the difference in blocks. I find it easier on my eyes as well. I haven’t played very long with this pack but as i discover more i will add more.

[These images from Glimmars Post on his texture map]

There are many more pictures and examples on Glimmar’s Forum Post

Download Version 1.9.1 Here

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