Girlcraft Texture Pack ♥ Updated for Minecraft Version 1.4


Hai thar! ^-^ So Toonamo installed the Steampunk texture from Glimmar and I recently heard about the Fairy Mod and Girlcraft video from yogscast.  So I thought I would install the Girlcraft texture pack and see how it looks. I used Xau’s texture pack fix to install the pack, because it backs up the original files and it’s really easy.

So first download Xau’s Texture Pack Fix as described here.

You can download Girl Craft by going here
or if that isn’t around you can download from our server.
version for 1.4 here
version for 1.3 here


Then open it…

It automatically finds the original minecraft.jar file all you have to do is click on the texture box

The next step is stupid. Mac apparently thinks it’s smarter than it really is and automatically unzips compressed zip files you download. So we need to re-compress that file again. I downloaded the file and let it go to my default download folder. So go to your downloads folder then right click (hold the ctrl button and click) the texture folder and choose compress <folder name>.

Now go back to the Xau’s Texture Fix Program and choose browse next to empty space for texture. Find your download folder (or where ever you saved your texture), and choose the zip file you just made. If you select the folder nothing will happen, it has to be a zip or jar file to work. Also the reason we like Xau’s program is because it fixes a few glitches with larger texture packs. After you have chosen your zipped texture file click open and then click the patch button at the bottom.

If everything goes well you should get a message saying “Success… Probably”.

Now close out Xau’s program and start minecraft!

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It’s a really cute texture and I love the watermelons instead of the pumpkins. The only thing is that it is hard to tell the difference between all the blocks sometimes but that might be my monitor. I don’t mind the colors, maybe make some of it darker. Like the door for instance blends in with cobblestone and I ran right past it. Also the water is basically the same color as cobblestone. Other than that I like the texture.

I like how diamond blocks are rainbows, that reminds me of rainbow road in Mario Kart. Lava is a little boring, I like the original better. Maybe make little angry suns float around in it. xD

I also want to check out a candy texture and see which one I like better. Maybe I will have Toonamo customize both of them together!


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3 Responses to “Girlcraft Texture Pack ♥ Updated for Minecraft Version 1.4”

  1. awsome girl says:

    i can’t get the texture pack it took 3 weeks for it and nothing

    • Toonamo says:

      the links are at the top of the article. i just tested them and they worked for me. what is not working for you? i have emailed you in the past btw

  2. lily says:

    when i downloaded the file and opened it. It said a error.
    what do i do?

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