What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a survial multiplayer game. Of course you can play by yourself but everything is more enjoyable when your friends make fun of you for getting scared of a 8 bit spider. The game has the feeling of an old 8 bit video game (Nintendo was 8-bit, like 1980 nintendo).

You start out with nothing at all, kinda like you crash landed in some odd foreign land. Problem is this land is hostile. You need to build a shelter before sun down or else you will be attacked by zombies, spiders, skeletons (only attack at night), creepers (which blow up), slime, and ghast. Those are just the ones that attack by night.

So what do you do to avoid all these badies? Simple you build a house, and you do this by punching trees till you have enough lumber to build a small shack or at least make a workbench and a door. Want to know what do do on the first night? Read “First Night Survival.”

Eventually you will build tools and make a home for yourself. You also need to start mining for materials to make better tools and decorate your home with windows and a bed.

The game is highly addictive and even better with a group of people.

It also has music by C418! So far 5,689,792 people have registered and 1,676,428 people bought the game.


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